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Awards and Prizes

The attribute “outstanding” applies to Thurnher’s Alpenhof in many respects. Not least because this boutique hotel, which appeals to the senses and which is one of the few members of The Leading Hotels of the World in Austria, has already been awarded prizes by various committees. It is also commended by the international press, which emphasises among the hotel’s many virtues in particular the unusual hospitality, the excellent service and the unique atmosphere of this “beautiful gem”.

A survey oF our awards

2016 Thurnher’s Alpenhof was selected by Connoisseur Circle as the best ski resort in Austria, while Zürs-Lech was voted by the readers of Condé Nast Traveller as the best skiing region in Europe.

2013 Senses Award in the categories Best Alpine Resort 2013

2010 For the tenth time in succession, awarded the Five Star Diamond Award of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences for exceptional achievements

2004 Prix Villégiature in two categories: “Meilleur Resort Hôtel en Europe” and “Meilleur Acceuil et Service d’Hôtel en Europe”


An overview of press publications:


Weconomy Magazin (Winter 2022/2023) 

Falstaff Travel Magazin (Winter 2022/2023) 

Forbes Magazin (Winter 2022)

National Geographic Traveller (Winter 2022)

Sheconomy (Winter 2022)

Condé Nast Traveller (Winter 2022)

FORBES (Winter 2022)

Westend Final Evening Standard (Winter 2022)

The Times Weekend (Winter 2022) 

Prestige Magazin (Winter 2021)

Trendguide HOME (Winter 2021)

Go Sixt Online (Winter 2021)

ELLE Magazin Online (Winter 2021)

Feature Magazine (Winter 2021)

Vorarlberg ORF.at (Winter 2021)

Connoisseur Circle Magazin (Winter 2021)



falstaff TRAVEL (December 2020)

InStyle Russia (December 2020)

IMAGINE MAGAZIN (December 2020)

Ärzte Exclusiv Verlag (September 2020)

BUNTE Magazin (February 2020)

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Top Hotel Magazin (January 2020)

VOGUE (January 2020)

ELLE Online Magazin (December 2019)

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A la Carte Magazin (December 2018)

American Express Centurion Magazin (December 2017)

Connoisseur Circle Magazin (December 2017)




SOQ Magazin (November 2016)

Living Fine Magazin (November 2016)

Hubertus von Hohenlohe (November 2016)

Connoisseur Circle (2016)

NZZ am Sonntag (March 2015 )

BUNTE (March 2015 )

HARBOR Magazin (February 2015)

A la Carte (December 2014)

Friends of Bentley Magazin (Winter 2014)

MADAME (June 2014)

Hideaways Magazin (April 2014)

Hera Magazin (April 2014)




For press enquiries and comprehensive press material please do not hesitate to send us a message using the contact form or contact Dr. Beatrice Zarges via mail@thurnhers-alpenhof.com or T +43 5583 2191.

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