• Barhocker und ein rotes Sofa in der Thurnher's Bar
  • Menschen stoßen mit Getränken an
  • Verschiedene Champagner in einer großen Schale auf einem Servierwagen
  • Nahaufnahme eines roten Getränks

Fresh Wind in Thurnher’s Bar with Moris Tonni

His C.V. is impressive, listing more than 20 ports of call, including numerous famous luxury hotels in Italy, France, England, Germany and Switzerland. This winter he is starting as barman in Thurnher’s Alpenhof. May we introduce you to Moris Tonni?

Dear Moris, Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Until recently you were the Bar Manager in the famous Hotel Giraglia on the French Riviera. How much beach atmosphere from the Mediterranean coast of France will you be bringing to wintry Vorarlberg with your cocktail creations?

I always try to bring a sunny mood and a positive attitude with me. No doubt that is also reflected in my creations, my ideas and not least in my style :-)

That sounds promising! So the weather and the region don’t influence the way you design your bar menu in the slightest?

Not normally, no, although the guests at Thurnher’s Alpenhof can certainly count on finding some warming drinks which will suit the cold winter temperatures. I think we shall even dedicate a whole page in the bar menu to hot drinks.

Do you follow any particular principles when you invent drinks or is it all just a matter of feeling? What is your philosophy?

To some extent, I regard the preparation of cocktails as a sort of artistic alchemy. My aim is always to find the perfect balance between the various aromas. To do that you need to know the products very well indeed. When you have created this basis you can let your imagination run riot. But you have to be careful: since you are not mixing the drink for yourself, it’s always important to understand the guest’s taste.

That sounds like a true recipe for success for great drinks.

I would say, the result then is good drinks. And with the personal note which is also necessary, paired with a good dose of passion, the result will be great drinks :-)

We know that you also completed an additional training course as sommelier. You have already lived and worked in the great European wine-producing countries. So, be honest! Where do the best wines come from?

I think the entire wine world is just fantastic, but nonetheless – or perhaps for that very reason – I find it difficult to give a single answer to this question! Almost every wine region has a fascinating tale to tell and produces outstanding wines. I personally love Bordeaux and jts red wine tradition; I love Champagne and its sparkling wines; and I also love the characteristic taste of Piedmont. But as I said, every wine region has its own attractions!

You have worked in some of the most famous luxury hotels in Europe. Which stations have influenced your work most of all?

Really, each of the places I have lived and worked in has left its mark on me in some way and helped me to develop further. My warmest memories are of the six years I spent in the Suvretta House in St. Moritz. When I was there I met so many interesting guests and colleagues from all over the world. That was a most valuable experience on a human level as well as professionally.

We are sure that your time at Thurnher’s Alpenhof will be full of encounters like that too. The season will soon be starting and we are looking forward to your skills behind the bar. Thank you for your time!

I’m sure of that and I’m really looking forward to it too!


Der Barmann des Hotels Moris Tonni


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